What is the Ministry ?

The Ministry is wherever your imagination takes you, in the landscape of your mind. It houses a creative lab and enterprise centre, a social programming department and mapping room, allowing people to cross-fertilise their skills and experiment with designing new ways of being.

There are doors to open, keys to find, mirrors for reflection and light bulbs for moments of inspiration. The basement is full of ticking clocks reminding you that time is precious. The garden is where you can grow your field of dreams and up on the roof is an astronomy platform from which you can reach for the stars and gain a vision of the universe. At the end of a long and winding path the coffee house of enlightenment nourishes you with books to expand and open your mind. It is a place where artists gather to talk. They are creative futurologists reimagining the world and working on how to look after the planet for future generations.

“Those who say ‘Yes’ are rewarded by the adventures they have” Keith Johnson

Who is The Ministry of Imagination?

Arts and Well-being

Arts and Well-being

Passionate about people and communities. Improving Lives. The Ministry develops people and helps them find their story through interactive and experiential personal development courses. We do this by providing a safe environment in which the atmosphere is one of mutual support and working together. We help people help themselves and gain a fresh perspective. What do you need?

Business Training

Business Training

Build a Better Business…by developing your people. The Ministry of Imagination gives your staff a shared experience, breathing energy and life into training programmes. We push back the desks, switch off the power point and work up on our feet. By allowing people to explore, investigate, discover & revise their approach, they consolidate their skills and find new ways of being. What do you need?

Social and Educational

Social and Educational

Lifelong learning at it’s best. Children are active learners in a stimulating environment, why should this stop as adults? The Ministry believes that learning should be available throughout your life, no matter what your background or life circumstances. Making education creative makes learning interesting, fun, innovative, happy and stimulating. We are constantly designing and developing new and exciting ways of thinking and working. What do you need?

Creative Past, Creative Future

Creative Past, Creative Future

Our Projects Through innovation comes transformation. In the creative lab, enterprise centre and social programming department we build on past projects and imagine the future… What do you need us to imagine for you?

My Approach

Hilary is a creative arts practitioner, social and educational program designer, fostering sustainable, healthy and vibrant communities and workplaces. ‘‘I am interested in people. I work with individuals and companies to find their story’’. She has over 25 years professional experience as an actor, director, teacher, university tutor, project manager and personal development trainer. She successfully combines creativity with people development, in the voluntary, business and education sector.

People are encouraged to think for themselves and make choices, they are encouraged to experimented in order to find the best way of doing things.

Creativity challenges our perceptions, it gives us a chance to look at things from a different angle, and engage a different point of view.

How do I achieve this?
• By working in 3 dimensions to practice changing patterns and outcomes
• By using the empty space
• By finding the story that needs to be told.

These are the foundations from which we grow.

Personal Info

  •   +44 1508 498853
  •  2, Mill Road, Hempnall, Norfolk, NR15 2LP

Clients and Testimonials

Past clients Include: University of East Anglia : University Suffolk : Oxfordshire County Council : South Cambridge District Council : Wayland Prison : NHS : Bodleian Library, Oxford : Oxford University Clinical medicine : South Cambridge Council : Norwich Educational Trust : Norfolk Network : Creative Arts East : Community Solutions East : Oxford Leaning Network : Oxford Brooks University : Oxford University Press
This workshop brought together an excellent range of clients from different areas of civil society and social welfare organisations and offered a very useful introduction to Augusto Boal's Image and Forum techniques, which are widely used throughout the world to encourage positive intervention across a range of social concerns. The workshop enabled participants to begin to see how Image work could be used to articulate problematic or oppressive situations and find ways of thinking creatively about them. It made it clear that this work is direct, effective, engaging, fun and accessible.”

Professor Ralph Yarrow

UEA, Norwich
Hilary is one of the most creative, intelligent and able women I know and have had the pleasure to work with. She has helped me both develop creative consultancy programmes and facilitate them. I have worked with her for four years, and she is always my first point of call if I'm asked to create and deliver a programme that needs some creative flair. She brings to any collaborative process enthusiasm and intelligent insight .... the feedback she gets from participants is second to none. She is hugely reliable, and I know whatever she puts her mind to, she will do it with all her energy; resourced by her considerable experience.. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Milly Sinclair (Milly Sinclair Associates)

Personal Development Trainer and Creative Consultant
The group participation exercises were really good as was the forum theatre scenarios which gave us a real feeling for how body language is as important as actual words in dealing with difficult conversations. Milly and Hilary made the course fun and we laughed a lot and even though we were a very diverse group I left feeling that there was a lot of common ground amongst us.” It would be great to get you back for another session at some point in the future. Too often training sessions are very dry and drag etc but time flew past yesterday and I think everyone was actively engaged with what we were doing.” what great trainers and actors you both were.

Queens College, Oxford (working with Milly Sinclair Associates)

“the course was wonderful, in the fact that it gave me time to think about myself, my options and my future. I am nearly always too busy to give myself permission to do that. Some of the exercises we did really made me think about what I truly want and how to achieve it. I have felt my state of mind change and as that has done, so have my circumstances. In my personal life things have improved enormously as I have opened myself up to positive possibilities. In my working life I face redundancy due to cut backs, but don't feel fearful about it. Instead I feel excitement at new opportunities and taking my life in a direction I control, instead of my job controlling me.  It provided an excellent opportunity to reflect and share my dreams for my future in a safe and nurturing environment.” 


Attending Field of Dreams


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