What do you need us to imagine for you?  We are currently working on …

Art for Art Sake

  1. The Play’s the Thing – writing, devising & directing performance pieces
  2. Drama Days – for a variety of clients across all age ranges
  3. Multi- Art Laboratory – interesting collaborations across sectors

Arts & Well-being

  1. Pioneers – everyday stories of courage and grit, brought to life
  2. Finding your Voice – your identity and voice in the world
  3. Field of Dreams – transitioning & personal development

Social & Educational

  1. The Future Food Project – healthy you, healthy planet
  2. Adventures in Learning – creative education projects for all ages
  3. Magic Paintbrush – Drama for Language Learning

Business Training

  1. Happy Workplaces – whole and healthy work environments
  2. Fun and Fearless – presentations and personal impact
  3. Creative Training – connectedness and communication skills

We design programmes to fit your needs; developing your vision and unlocking your potential