What do you need?
All our workshops are bespoke. We design the training to fit your purpose.
Or you can choose from…

  • Culture Club – Creating the right climate for effective and inspiring workplaces
  • Take 5 – Managing pressure and stress at work, for yourself and your team
  • Unmasking the Mask –Effective communication, attitude, engagement and rapport
  • Stepping Stones – Mapping your business to find commonality, unity, empathy, understanding and connection
  • If the Shoe Fits – A creative approach to presentation skills & personal impact
  • Smell the Coffee – Customer relations, the human approach, identity and values
  • Mapping the Future – Transition facilitation and visioning
  • Creative Shots – Short, lighthearted, creative & interactive workshops to fit in with your company away day or conference.
  • Dreaming in Colour – Teams, collective visioning, connecting your people

Ask yourself; should we constrain ourselves to the point whereby we are simply managing resources rather than developing new and exciting ways of thinking and working? If the answer is no, then give us a call.

“ The view from your office window seldom changes. If we want our leaders to see the bigger picture, they have to go out and see the world through other peoples eyes”(Common Purpose)