The Resilience Game – personal development programme within a game format

The combination of a game and personal development programme works through the lens of a metaphorical journey and quest. This creative adventure consists of challenges and tasks to complete along the way and milestones to reach. Players carry a virtual backpack that they fill with resilience through the journey. They collect a toolkit of strategies in the form of personal development exercises to help them make choices and move forward with their lives. The design concept uses game design, storytelling, coaching and multi-arts creative exercises.

The programme content will draw on our understanding of the obstacles people face and the developmental stages we all go through in our lives. Within the safety of the fiction we will focus on confidence and self-esteem building, empathy and a positive mind-sets, fear of failure, stress triggers and how to deal with them and fear of change; building healthy behaviours and better relationships, leading to happier functioning communities. The design and content of this training programme will draw on the team’s extensive in-depth knowledge and over 25 years experience writing and delivering training programmes and creative workshops with both adults and children, in formal and informal learning environments.

Play Makes Us Human:

The bright colourful fun and funny game format is designed to increase mental wellbeing and motivate young people to enjoy the course; raising their Oxytocin levels and giving them a lift. People will have a chance to use their imaginations, escape into an alternative world while addressing their own real life issues and feel supported along the way. 'Play is what makes us human. We are going for a 70’s psychedelic ‘Scooby Doo’ style.

Introduction To The Journey Metaphor:

As we journey through life, we meet all sorts of challenges. Growing up can be a difficult road to navigate, with bumps and potholes along the way and no map to show us the way. Before we can get to the mountains of inspiration we may spend some time in the forest of confusion or hiding in the caves of denial, frightened of going up the wrong path and finding ourselves in the unknown. We know there will be rocky -mountains to climb and rough seas to cross, so how do we navigate through this ever -changing landscape and make it to our field of dreams? We need a back -pack full of resilience and resolve and a toolkit of strategies that will help us

take control of our lives. Only then can we write the chapters of our very own story and move forward in life. There’s a long journey ahead, so let's get


The Mini Pilot – Creation of a Prototype Game:

Sponsorship will help us create prototypes of the board game and personal development package both as both an online and physical board

game and trial them with different focus groups and methods of delivery. Interchangeable card packs will allow different age ranges and abilities to play the game, making it fully inclusive and adaptable.

The Ministry of Imagination team are developing the game package February – May 2021 and will be ready to run trials in June and July. We are currently looking for additional sponsorship and funding to develop the game further and run game trials with more user groups. If you are able to help us with funding or can point us to funding bodies we can apply to we would be very grateful.

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