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“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand.”


Creative Projects

Passionate about people and improving lives

Business Training

Take the risk to be creative.

“ The view from your office window seldom changes. If we want our leaders to see the bigger picture, they have to go out and see the world through other people’s eyes” (Common Purpose)

Personal Development

The Ministry helps people find their story through interactive and experiential personal development courses.

Creative Communities

Happier Healthier People

Schools & Education

Arts and Education. Creative curriculum, drama consultancy.

What do you need? We are currently offering:

•       Primary & Secondary school drama days

•       Teacher INSET training

•       The Resilience Game: personal development within a game format

•       Drama for Language Learning

•       Creative project Building

Creative Projects

What do you need us to imagine for you? We are currently offering:

Arts & Wellbeing

•   Creative Sessions for wellbeing and stress management       

•   Field of Dreams – transitioning & personal development   

•   All The World’s a Stage – presenting yourself in the world with confidence      

•   Remembering Yesterday - arts & dementia workshops

Social & Educational

•   The Future Food Project – healthy you, healthy planet       

•   The Resilience Game - personal development within a game format       

•   Don't look back in anger - communication skills and assertiveness

Business Training

•   Happy Workplaces – whole and healthy work environments        

•   Fun and Fearless - presentations and personal impact       

•   Creative Training - connectedness and communication skills

We design programmes to fit your needs; developing your vision and unlocking your potential

Business Training

Why do we need to develop creative minds in the workplace?

Creativity is practical, imaginative and experimental. It helps people deal with the unexpected. We energise and encourage people to play with ideas, leading to innovation.

What do you need?

All our workshops are bespoke. We design the training to fit your purpose so get in touch and talk to us about what you need for your staff and managers. Or you can choose from:

•   Culture Club – Effective and inspiring workplaces

•   Take 5 – Managing pressure and stress at work

•   Unmasking the Mask – Effective communication

•   Stepping Stones – Mapping your business to find, empathy, understanding and connection

•   If the Shoe Fits – Presentation skills & personal impact

•   Smell the Coffee – Customer relations, the human approach, identity and values

•   Mapping The Future – Transition facilitation and visioning

•   Creative Shots – Creative & interactive workshops to fit your away day or conference

•   Dreaming in Colour – Teams, collective visioning, connecting your people

Personal Development

The Ministry develops people and helps them find their story through interactive and experiential personal development courses. We do this by providing a safe environment in which the atmosphere is one of mutual support and working together. We help people help themselves and gain a fresh perspective.

What do you need? We design the training to fit your purpose, or you can choose from:

•   Unmasking the Mask – Effective communication, attitude, engagement and rapport

•   Field of Dreams – Transitioning for teenagers and adults

•   Don’t Look Back in Anger – Communication skills & assertiveness

•   Creative Ways to Wellbeing – Finding your voice, your tribe, your creative spirit & yourself

•   Arts on Prescription, Creative Shots – Short, light-hearted, interactive workshops and larger social projects

•   Fresh Start – Self identity and self–esteem, leading to employability

•   All the World’s a Stage – presenting yourself in the world with confidence

•   Super Women – Leadership and empowerment

•   The  Creative Lab – Sessions for wellbeing and stress management

•   The Resilience Game – personal development within a game format

Creative Communities

Personal development, public engagement, story finding, play and performance devising & directing, actor involvement and working in collaboration with partners.

Past organisational work includes:

•   University of East Anglia  

•   Oxfordshire County Council

•   South Cambridge District Council

•   Bodleian Library, Oxford

•   Norwich City Council

•   Oxford University

•   Norfolk Network

•   Creative Arts East

•   Oxford Brooks University 

•   Oxford University Press

•   Norfolk County Council  

•   Various UK Primary & Secondary Schools

•   Neela Bettridge Ltd

•   Milly Sinclair Associates

•   EXEDRA Mediterranean Center


Hilary Thomson

With over 30 years professional experience as an actor, director, teacher, university tutor and business trainer I have developed my own unique style of training that combines creativity with people development. I’m passionate about how this combination works.

As a social and educational program designer I foster healthy people and healthy communities, taking them through a practical process of personal development.

Working with the landscape in front of me, I use a creative approach to unlock people’s potential, helping them develop new ways of being and moving forward with their lives. Whether it's adults at work or children at school It is a great joy to me to see people becoming happier and


By getting people mentally moving, communicating well and enjoying each other’s thoughts and ideas, they are empowering themselves and each other. This is the power of the creative process and helps reframe the way in which people engage with themselves and the world. The road is not always comfortable and I’m not saying it’s easy but nothing ever worth achieving comes easily does it?

Hilary Thomson

Director, the Ministry of Imagination


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